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Library Tutorials

Scholarly vs Popular Resources

Parts of a Scholarly Article

Use RADAR to Evaluate Sources

Use the criteria RADAR to evaluate sources. Ask yourself the questions associated with each area of Relevance, Authority, Date, Appearance and Reason. Using the criteria will help you determine if the source you have found is suitable for your research needs.

Use RADAR criteria to evaluate sources: Relevance, Authority, Date, Appearance, Reason

Information and graphics used for RADAR were adapted from
Jane Mandalios (2013). RADAR: An approach for helping students evaluate 
Internet sources. And from Western Libraries of Western University. 

Locating Company Information

Finding Tests and Measurements

View this tutorial to learn about how to locate Tests and Measurements using the WilmU Library databases.

RefWorks - Getting Started

View this short tutorial to learn how to make a RefWorks account, and for tips on how to collect citations and add citations and bibliographies to Microsoft Word documents.

Requesting Items from Other Libraries

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