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Translation and Language Tools

Tips on translating library resources into other languages, searching for articles published in other languages and similar tips. Especially useful for EL (English Leraners) and EAL (English as Additional Language) students.

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The goal of the Wilmington University Library is to provide the best, most up-to-date, and student-focused resources for all of our diverse and multilingual students. With that in mind, we have created this informational source called the Translation and Language Tools Guide.  The purpose of this guide is to assist students in navigating multilingual and translation tools available online, as well as, those specific to our WilmU resources (such as our databases):

1.  Locate scholarly/peer-reviewed articles (available in multiple languages)

2.  Find and evaluate resources (in-person at our libraries and remotely)

3. Learn what other resources are available to WilmU students


Contact us to learn more or to let us know how we can better support your education.

Videos to help you get what you want in your preferred language.

Translate WilmU Online Content Video (2023)

Translate Websites Video - Transcripts in Other Languages

YouTube Auto-Translate Captions (2019 video)

Translate Online Content

Borrow Books in Other Languages

Remember that the Delaware Library Catalog offers books and DVDs in other languages. Students can borrow them, and we can mail them out! Use the Advanced search to select a language, because not all records are clear about the resources' languages.

Delaware library catalog homepage top showing the advanced search to the right of the search button

Use the Select Language option at the top to select Spanish or English for the search tools.

Use the Advanced Search option next to the Search button to search for items in other languages.

Use the down arrow to the right of the language box to select a languge.

Delaware Library catalog's Advanced Search showing English and Spanish search options at the top and Additional Limits: Language with Hindi selected

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