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Library Assistance Session

New to Wilmington University?
Or just looking to brush up on Library knowledge?

The Library highly recommends faculty members schedule a Library Assistance Session. A Librarian will work with you one-on-one for up to an hour at a time. You will learn useful information on many aspects of the Library, from general information to accessing and researching our online databases.

To schedule a Library Assistance Session please fill out the request form below:

Looking to Publish an Article?

Consider "Open Access." Open access publishing makes your research freely available to anyone on the internet and allows them to download, copy, print, or distribute the information. Open access is a great way to share your research with the public and other researchers and spur scholarly collaboration.

The advantages of open access are many:

  • Greater visibility and impact of research
  • Increased opportunity for collaboration
  • Easier access to information for anyone
  • Takes advantage of technology - text mining and the digital environment
  • Better return on investment for research sponsors
  • Encourages and enables greater innovation
  • Faster than traditional publishing
  • Contributes to education's mission of advancing knowledge

For more benefits of open access visit these links:

Faculty Development Day Discovery Presentation Fall 2014

Welcome to the Faculty Resources & Services Guide


The Library is here to help support you with your courses.

This guide has been created to show you all of the ways in which the Library can assist you. Here you will find information on Library Instruction, Library Reserves, Faculty Materials, etc.

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We would like to hear from our Faculty!

How can the Library better work for you?

Let us know how we can help.

Please call or email the Library with any comments or suggestions you may have.


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Use this tool to create a permanent link to a database article that is accessible from off-campus.