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Discovery Guide

Basic Search

Basic Searching

Go to the Library Home page and enter your keywords on any topic in the search box where you see "Find article, books, videos, and more..."

Use the search box drop down menus to search for articles, books or videos by keyword, subject, title, author or ISBN.

  • Enter your words in the box.
  • Words can be in upper or lower case.
  • Multiple words can be entered in any order.


Watch either short video to learn more about using the Discovery Search box to locate articles, ebooks, and more.

Filtering Results

From within your search results, you may add filters from the options in the left column to refine your search. Selected filters will be retained for all of your searches unless you uncheck the Retain Filters box.

Popular filters include:

  • Format (Article, Video, eBook, Print book, Thesis/dissertation, etc.)
  • Content (Peer Reviewed, Full Text, Open Access)
  • Date range (Last 5 years, Last 10 years, etc.)
  • Author
  • Language

Sorting Results

By default, the search results will first display those items owned by Wilmington University Library. You can change the default Library sort and choose to sort your results by Best Match, Recency, Author (A-Z), Date (Newest First), Date (Oldest First), Most Widely Held (meaning owned by other libraries) or Title (A-Z). Scroll down to see each sort option and corresponding behavior.



Best Match


Blends Title, Author, Date and Worldwide Holdings with an emphasis placed on Title.


Blends Date, Title, Author and Worldwide Holdings with an emphasis placed on Date.

Library (default)

Considers individual holdings first, then blends Title, Author, Date and Worldwide Holdings.

Author (A to Z)

Sorts by special characters or numbers in the first name, then A to Z by last name.

Date (Newest)


Sorts chronologically by publication date with newest items listed first.


Date (Oldest)


Sorts chronologically by publication date with oldest items listed first.


Most Widely Held

Presents an "unclustered" view of search results with an emphasis on

Worldwide Holdings in a blend of Date, Title, and Author. Use this sort

option to view best results for interlibrary loan requests.


Sorts by special characters, then alphabetically by Title. Only the article "the" is ignored.

View Full Text

By default, Discovery will first display those items owned by Wilmington University Library.

The "View Full Text" button will appear for any articles from WilmU subscribed or open access resources contained in the databases. Click on "View Full Text" to view the article in its home database. You may be prompted to log into MyWilmU before getting access to the article.

Depending on the content format, you may also click on "Access Journal," "View eBook," or for print materials, you may see the shelf location.


Included Databases

Discovery systems work to link data from many systems to bring as many resources to the user as possible. By default, Discovery searches, a growing catalog of millions of records from libraries across the globe including content from 100+ WilmU Library subscription databases. A few publishers and database vendors are still in the process of formatting their data so that it can be included in a Discovery search. Financial information databases including Mergent Intellect, Mergent Archives, Sports Market Analytics, and a few Gale databases contain content that cannot be searched in Discovery. These databases should be accessed individually from the A-Z list.