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MEd in Elementary and Secondary School Counseling - MEC

Recognizing Research Articles

When searching for a research article, remember to read the abstract carefully. Look for words that indicate the scholarly article reports original research. If the abstract mentiones it is a literature review, consider looking at the reference list for one of the research articles the authors mentioned.

Useful words to indicate a research article: research, interview, qualitative data, quantitative research, focus groups, longitudinal studies, case studies, etc.

You can also add these terms to the search!

Finding Research Articles in Library Databases

When using an EBSCOhost database like ERIC or Education Source, you can use the magnifying glass icon to pull up the abstract. Consider using synonyms for your search terms at the top, for example solution focused brief therapy or sfbt or solution focused therapy. The results can be limited on the right by peer-reviewed, publication date, and other options.

ERIC database search results showing abstract

Here is the beginning of the abstract showing research related words: 'the aim of this study,' 'qualitative design,' and 'individual and focus group interviews'.

ERIC abstract highlighting words: study, interviews, quailative design

Google Scholar Tips for finding Research Articles

1. Go to Find Articles and More, click on Google Scholar and log in. Click on the 3-line menu button at the top to select advanced search.

Google Scholar Advanced search using menu button at topplace research study in 'exact phrase' box and add other terms and date range

2. Use the boxes to select date range and topics. Add one of the research types like 'research study' or 'interview' to locate articles of more use.

3. In this case, the search string: solution focused therapy elementary OR primary OR grade "research study" and published since 2018 returned about 17 thousand results. The second item is only available full text because it is licensed by WilmU.

solution focused therapy elementary OR primary OR grade "research study" with 17,000 results


Finding Reseach Articles Using Google Scholar

Remember to use the advanced search option if you use Google Scholar. If you access it through the library's 'Find Articles and more,' you will have access to more full text articles since you can access WilmU licenced content as well as articles free to everyone.

Remember that although many things you find on Google Scholar are peer-reviewed, some of them are not. So if you have never heard of the journal, remember to research that journal to see if it's a credible resource. Often the journal's website will provide submission guidelines that will let you know if submitted articles undergo peer review.