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MEd in Elementary and Secondary School Counseling - MEC

Learn More About Internships

What if I cannot find an internship?

Do I have to do all 300 hours in the school?

Can I do my internship at one level or does it need to be split between two different age groups?

What are the Clinical Responsibilities for School Counseling Interns in the school?

Can I start in August for the fall?

Can I observe and/or work with other counselors besides the one to which I’m assigned?

Can I do my internship in two different districts, one in the fall other in spring? Yes.

Can I start applying for jobs now or do I have to wait for my certification?

What happens if I can't pass my Praxis? What are my options?

Will we be notified when we should apply for graduation or should we do it now?

If I accrue extra hours during my first semester, can they be transferred to the next semester? As a general rule, hours cannot be transferred.