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AFM 6660 Sexuality Education: Start Here

AFM 6660 Sexuality Education

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Using a cross-cultural approach, this course examines individual sexuality and sexual behaviors in the context of societies, including social mores and customs, and major societal issues that are integrally related to sexuality. The course explores the physiological and psychosocial factors affecting the development of a person's sexuality and sexual relationships across the life cycle. Topics addressed include contemporary prevention education models for topics such as sexual deviance and violence, pornography, sexual harassment and abuse, sexual ethics, sexuality education, spirituality and religion as it relates to sexuality issues, the media portrayal of sexuality and relationships, and critically analyzing advertising that uses sexual imagery to sell non-sexually relevant products.

Applied Family Science Program Chair

Mary Kay Keller, M.P.A., Ph.D., SSW, CEIM, CFLE.
Chair of Applied Family Science Graduate Program
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


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