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Doctor of Nursing Practice - Orientation: Library Tutorials

This guide will introduce you to library resources (and more!) that will benefit you throughout your program.

Nursing and Health Professions

Searching Ovid

How to Use Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are words such as and, or, and not that you use to combine search terms. An AND search says, find me articles that contain both of my search terms. Searches for cats AND dogs will retrieve articles that contain both the word "cats" and the word "dogs." If an article only contains the word "cats" but not the word "dogs", that article will not be retrieved.                     Venn Diagram representing Cats AND Dogs

                       Cats AND Dogs

Want to know more about creating effective searches using boolean operators? Follow the link below for information from MIT Libraries.

An OR search says, "find me anything that mentions either this term or that term." Searches for cats OR dogs will retrieve all the articles that contain the word "cats", the word "dogs", or both. You can also add more search terms into the mix, with the understanding that this will further expand your search. 

                                                                                 Venn Diagram representing Cats OR Dogs

                       Cats OR Dogs

A NOT search says, "Find me anything that mentions this term but not that one." Searches for cats NOT dogs will retrieve all the articles that contain the word "cats", but excludes from that list anything that uses the word "dogs." You have to be very careful when using this operator, as it will severely restrict your results and you may miss something important. An example of when to use NOT might be when you're looking for articles about dolphins (the animal) and you keep getting results with Dolphins (the Miami football team) You could do a search like, dolphins NOT football.

                                                                                        Venn Diagram representing Cats Not Dogs

                     Cats NOT Dogs