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What is Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a free web-based search engine that searches for scholarly materials such as books, articles, conference proceedings, theses, preprints, abstracts and technical reports. Google Scholar generally excludes non-academic websites. Google does not provide a list of which titles or publishers are included in Google Scholar. Coverage in Google Scholar is stronger in the sciences, and weaker in the humanities. Google Scholar is an alternate starting point for your research, but may not include all of the resources available online from the WilmU Library's databases.

Does Google Scholar index all of WilmU Library's subscription research databases and provide the full-text of articles from all of these databases?

No. While Google Scholar will allow you to find articles from some of WilmU Library's subscription article databases, it does not index all of our databases. For access to all of the library's databases, see the Databases A-Z list or use the Databases by Subject list. For a list of our available journals, see the Library Journal Locator.