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SEC 6080: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security: Plagiarism


Plagiarism Presentation

Find out more about how to recognize and avoid plagiarism with this in-depth presentation by James Bradley, Instruction Librarian, Wilmington University.

TurnItIn- Plagiarism Detection


TurnItIn is a Plagiarism Detection Tool

TurnItIn can only be used if your instructor has enabled it: 

With the transition to Canvas, students will be able to use TurnItIn as the plagiarism checking tool. 

Students should contact their instructor directly to request that they set up a TurnItIn draft assignment in their course to submit and view a similarity report for a draft of a writing assignment.

Another option is to set up an appointment with the Student Success Center or use the SmartThinking tutoring service, for APA and citation help on essays.

Learn more about TurnItIn