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Doctor of Education - Orientation: TCLC

NOTICE: Access to TCLC Libraries are currently unavailable due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please view our Online Library guide for more information on how the Library can serve you during this time.

TCLC Member Libraries

Click the link below to view the participating libraries within TCLC.

Finding Libraries in Your Area

Students and Faculty who wish to make use of academic libraries in their local area can email us to request assistance accessing those libraries. Use the links below to search for academic libraries in your local area.

Tri-State College Library Cooperative

As a member of the Tri-State College Library Cooperative, Wilmington University students and faculty members may access and obtain borrowing privileges at regional academic libraries.

Please note: If you wish to borrow a book from a TCLC Library, we must first provide you with a letter of introduction. Please complete the form below to request your letter.

Have a question about TCLC? Call the Library, 1-800-451-5724.

Request TCLC Introduction Letter