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CAS 495 Senior Seminar

TED Talks of Interest

2 Questions to Uncover Your Passion - and Turn It Into A Career

What's your passion? Social entrepreneur Noeline Kirabo reflects on her work helping out-of-school young people in Uganda turn their passions into profitable businesses -- and shares the two questions you can ask yourself to begin doing the same.

How to Build Your Powerful Personal Brand

The talk revolves around personal branding. The message to the audience is to be aware of the openness and the level of transparency present on social media platforms and that different platform requires different expressions to be shared in the right manner. With a passion in writing and interacting with students, Lyn followed her interest and ventured into social media marketing. Currently working as a Marketing & Communications Officer in the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, she wishes to bring a different viewpoint to a wider audience on the power of social media and how we can utilize it to develop our future career path.

How to establish a professional brand with novice experience on LinkedIn

You don’t have to have 20+ years of experience in a given field to be successful on LinkedIn. The truth is, even amateurs and college students can build a professional brand. Austin Henline shares his experience of how he went from a 100% job rejection rate to getting hundreds of opportunities through LinkedIn, all while still in college.