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Military Outreach

Resources for veterans and their families to help with career and life transition.

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learn about thousands of jobs, salaries, occupation outlook/hiring trends, etc.


Books to read on careers

This list includes print books, e-books, and other documents or brochures.  Some are free and others may

need to be purchased if you are not able to find them through a library.  In the state of Delaware, many libraries

are part of the "Delaware Library Catalog" a searchable database of institutions collections.  If you get a local

library card you should be able to borrow materials from around the state at no cost!

Salary and Employment Information

Links to Company/Industry Research - Business Libraries

When using LibGuides from other schools or institutions some resources may not be available.  Wilmington University may or may not have similar resources.

Links to other libuides on careers

Career: Interest, Self-Assessment, Personality, Skills

Holland Career Codes

Listed below are two sites with Holland Code tests.

Veterans Benefits - State of Delaware

Video Content

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What Color is Your Parachute? Richard N. Bolles

Good Multi-purpose sites for job hunters

These sites contain mostly free information and they cover multiple topics simultaneously such as job interviewing, job searching, resume building, internships, and advice blogs, etc.

Assessments (Tests)

There are many well established tests that can help identify your strengths, interests, skills, abilities, preferences, values, etc. which will in turn narrow down for you a list of possible careers that will be a good fit for you.  Careers or strengths are often identified that the person was not even aware of.  

Myers-Briggs - This test is based on personality