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Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) are licenses that allow creators of works to designate permissions on how their work can be reused. All creative works are covered by copyright automatically, but CC licensing provides flexibility for the creator and user of content. As long as you give attribution to the creator and follow the CC licensing permissions, you can use the content without contacting the creator. 

You will know if a work has a CC license by looking for a statement with link to the license, or the license image. These are the different icons used to build the licenses and their meaning.

Note: Licenses that contain the ND attribute do not allow revising or remixing. 

CC license icons that compose the various licenses.
  Icon      Right                          Description 
              attribution icon     Attribution or “BY.” You are required to give attribution to the creator(s). All of the licenses include this condition.
no commercial use icon Noncommercial or "NC" The work is only available to be used for noncommercial purposes.
share alike Share Alike or "SA" Adaptations based on this work must be licensed under the same license.
no derivatives icon No Derivatives or "ND" Reusers cannot share adaptations of the work.