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Game Design and Development

Outstanding Web Resources

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Brackey's is a web based free game development education vlog published by a group of developers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their most popular YouTube series "How to Make a Video Game" teaches viewers in ten tutorials how to use the Unity game engine to develop a game. Below Brackeys used Unity to develop a 2D game in this helpful video series. 


The Game Design Round Table is by game designers, for game designers. Since 2012 this podcast has explored the art and craft of game design from the perspective of tabletop, digital, and role-playing games. Hosts Dirk Knemeyer and David Heron with panelist Kathryn Hymes discusses Designing Thematic Games. The team routinely brings on the designers of many different types of famous thematic games, to talk about game design challenges in designing for theme. The RSS feed below updates with each new podcast. 


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