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Peer Review of Teaching (PROT): Home

Peer Review of Teaching (PROT) for library instruction


  • PROT is a Peer-to-Peer evaluation process in which one librarian observes another librarian's instruction session and provides feedback.
  • PROT at WilmU will be formative...meaning it will be used to help improve our teaching by reflecting on the feedback provided by our peers (and ourselves).
  • Using a Peer to Peer approach will enable us to teach each other and learn from one another at the same time. It will open discussions on teaching strategies and approaches to teaching and possible instruction initiatives.
  • PROT will allow the opportunity to observe one-another’s teaching, learn from each other, and share strategies for success. Focus is on individual development and improvement. The coaching process allows librarians to work together and refine, extend, and build new skills.
  • Three part process: pre-observation meeting; observation; post-observation meeting (see next tab for more information).


  • To promote high-quality teaching and critical analysis of good teaching.
  • To allow librarians to strengthen teaching skills and learn new approaches to teaching.
  • Promote collaboration and mentoring.
  • Foster professional development.

Conditions for success

  • Confidential – feedback will be kept between the observer and the on being observed.
  • Non-threatening/supportive environment –  support from management and colleagues.
  • Honesty, trust and genuine concern for fellow instruction librarians.
  • Openness to new ideas, constructive criticism, and to learn more.