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NUR 303 - Transition to Baccalaureate Nurse Practice

Wilmington University Library

Welcome to the NUR 303 - Nurse as Professional Guide

In this guide you will find links to information to assist you with your NUR 303 course. Information provided will include links to related databases, encyclopedias, journals, and websites. In addition, there is also helpful information on academic writing, grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, and APA citation. Click on a gold tab to begin.

Class Videos

This video gives tips for using the CINAHL database (basic search tips).

When you locate an article anywhere but a database, don’t expect a note that states if it is peer-reviewed or not. You will need to identify which it is. One way to recognize scholarly articles is to know the sections they often contain. This is useful because you can read the abstract and conclusion first to determine if the article will be helpful. Click on the article below to see the parts of a scholarly article.

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