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Master of Science in Nursing Leadership

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We are here to help you!

WilmU Librarians are available to help you with your research needs. Library instruction and research consultations are available by Zoom web conference, in person and by phone. You can Chat with one of the library staff or send an email for a quick question. If you have a more in-depth research need, please complete the consultation request form linked below.

Concept Analysis

Below are resources to assist you with your concept analysis assignment

Selection of appropriate search terms is very appropriate. We recommend connecting the term for your concept with any of these search terms using the Boolean operator AND. Also, truncate words using the * symbol to search for variant word endings. Here are some helpful search strategies to try:

  • compassion AND "concept analysis"
  • compassion AND philosoph*
  • compassion AND theor*
  • compassion AND defin*
  • compassion AND concept*
  • compassion AND (religious OR religion* OR theolog*)
  • compassion AND anthropolog*
  • compassion AND theor* AND psycholog*

Contemporary Concepts in Advanced Practice Roles

When reviewing scholarly literature (peer-reviewed), remember to check the publication date.

Don't forget to include a bibliography and check the gold APA citation tab for help if you need it.

Learn More about Concept Analysis Papers

Some of these articles will require users to log in with WilmU credentials or to refresh the page. Others are freely available to all.

Recommended Library Databases

Watch a brief tutorial on searching in the CINAHL database

Watch a brief tutorial on searching in the OVID Nursing Full Text Plus database