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when in doubt

When in doubt ask questions rather than assume something about someone. 

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Tips to make your workplace more LGBT friendly

  1. Be conscious of potential microaggressions 
    • Using terms like a partner instead of husband or wife, even for heterosexual couples, can make other people feel more comfortable talking about their relationships. 
    • Ask people what their pronouns are, and make sure to correct others and respect the persons pronouns even when they are not around
  2. Make sure your public appearance matches what you intend. 
    • Refer to LGBT relationships the same way you refer to other relationships.
    • Display images of support like a pride flag
    • Normalize someone having their chosen pronouns on their professional work.
    • Sponsor events like pride.  
    • make a tangible or even financial commitment to inclusion. 
  3. Educate all employees
    • Inclusive language training and education can be the biggest tool for helping make LGBT employees more comfortable. 
    • Making sure people in charge of hiring people have the most training since they will be someone's first interaction with the company. 
    • Blinding resumes by removing the name, gender, race, and any other indicator that may cause discrimination.
  4. Strengthen policies
    • domestic- partner benefits
    • a nondiscrimination policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
    • a family-leave policy that treats all parents equally
    • health insurance that covers hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery for employees seeking to transition
    • medical leave for colleagues who are transitioning
    • HR systems and documents that are inclusive of all genders and personal pronouns
    • all-gender or gender-neutral restrooms so that employees can use the facilities where they feel most comfortable