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  • heterosexual: someone who is attracted to the gender opposite their own 
  • asexual: people who do not experience sexual attraction
  • bisexual: a person who is attracted to more than one gender though this is commonly used to refer to someone who is attracted to both men and women
  • demisexual: a person who usually needs to form an emotional attachment to a person before they are sexually attracted to them
  • gay: an overarching term but is still used by people to refer to their sexual identity. when in doubt ask someone what term they use
  • lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women
  • pansexual: someone who is attracted to someone regardless of their gender, sex or sexuality
  • queer: term used to refer to someone who isnt heterosexual. some people identity as queer while some use it as an umbrella term
  • straight: the more common way someone may say they are heterosexual