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What is an Information Literacy Module?

Information Literacy modules are online lessons produced by library staff. We tailor them to align with the class or program requirements and to help fulfill information literacy competencies. These lessons can include videos, images, and/or interactive elements to engage students. They can be ungraded reading assignments or can include a quiz that reports points to Canvas.

These modules cover topics such as: identifying research topics, searching strategically, identifying different types of materials (like magazines, newspapers, and blogs) and knowing when to use them, critically evaluating resources, understanding there are multiple points of view on a topic, and using information ethically. These modules enable all students to experience expert library instruction. They also allow students to review the material as needed, instead of having it available only once.

To view a module, click on one of the samples on this page.

Information Literacy Rubrics

Click to open the undergraduate or graduate Information Literacy rubrics.

Requesting an Information Literacy Module

Sample Information Literacy Modules

Here are four examples of Information Literacy modules, three crafted for the College of Health Sciences. Modules for other departments include video searches using different databases and relevant research topics.