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This page contains content relevant for the DNP 7101 Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice course.


Suggested eBooks

Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology

What are epidemiology and public health? What is the nature of public health evidence and knowledge? What strategies can be used to protect and improve health? This book provides a multi-professional introduction to the key concepts in public health and epidemiology. It is suitable for students of public health and healthcare professionals.

A Dictionary of Epidemiology

This sixth edition of A Dictionary of Epidemiology -- the most updated since its inception -- reflects the profound substantive and methodological changes that have come to characterize epidemiology and its associated disciplines. Sponsored by the International Epidemiological Association, this book remains the essential reference for anyone studying or working in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, medicine, or the growing number health sciences in which epidemiologic competency is now required.More than just a dictionary, this text is an essential guidebook to the state of the science. It offers the most current, authoritative definitions of terms central to biomedical and public health literature -- everything from confounding and incidence rate to epigenetic inheritance and Number Needed to Treat. As epidemiology continues to change and grow, A Dictionary of Epidemiology will remain its book of record.

Managerial Epidemiology Cases and Concepts

Managerial Epidemiology: Cases and Concepts provides an introduction to epidemiology and explains how to use epidemiological concepts and tools to improve decisions about the management of health services. As health administration becomes more focused on population and community health, understanding the impact of disease on populations in a service area is more important than ever. This book blends theory and application by presenting basic principles and then tying those concepts to healthcare management with case studies, examples, and exhibits. A new chapter on the importance of epidemiology for both public health and healthcare leadership is included, along with three application chapters that focus on the health of populations with three specific diseases"--Publisher's description

Public Health and Epidemiology at a Glance

First Prize in Public health in the 2017 BMA Medical Book Awards Public Health and Epidemiology at a Glance is a highly visual introduction to the key concepts and major themes of population health. With comprehensive coverage of all the core topics covered at medical school, it helps students understand the determinants of health and their study, from personal lifestyle choices and behaviour, to environmental, social and economic factors. This fully updated new edition features: * More coverage of audit and quality improvement techniques * Brand new sections on maternal and child health, and health of older people * New chapters on social determinants of health and guideline development * Expanded self-assessment material This accessible guide is an invaluable resource for medical and healthcare students, junior doctors, and those preparing for a career in epidemiology and public health

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Disease outbreak

Public Health

Infectious disease

Biostatistics or statistics

Community health nursing