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Marketing Subject/Course Guide

SWOT Analyses

SWOT analysis is conducted to assess a company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Find a SWOT analysis for a company:

1. Go to the library database, Business Source Ultimate (link listed on this page)

2. Enter the company's name in the first search box and "Swot analysis" in the second search box (Note: A SWOT analysis will be available for most companies. If there are no results for your company, consult additional library databases, such as Mergent Intellect, Company Profiles, and external sources, such as the company's official website to gather more information.)

Company Profiles

Search Company Profiles database by entering the company name and then click on Browse. Click on Marketline Report PDF to view Company details.

Search database Company Profiles. Enter company name and click on Market Line Report PDF

Business Source Ultimate

Search Business Source Ultimate database – enter company title, product or brand. Options can be checked off to refine results to full text, publication date, or scholarly peer reviewed articles.

Business Source Ultimate product search


From your results list, you can expand the left menu options to view Subjects. Click on HTML or PDF full text to view the complete article.

Business Source Ultimate product search results

Mergent Intellect

Search Mergent Intellect database for Company Research. Enter the name of the company and click on the magnifying glass. Use the tabs in the results screen to view company information. 

Mergent Intellect search page

Mergent Intellect Results page

Help and Videos are available in Mergent Intellect after logging into the database

mergent help

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