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Human Services, Master of Science Degree

Suggested Journals

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Suggested eBooks

Human Rights and Social Equality Challenges for Social Work

This informative and incisively written edited collection brings together experts from around the world to explore the tension between a normative and a political base of social work and social development and, therefore, to address the question: how can social work and social policies contribute to the endeavor to respect, protect and fulfill human rights? This volume will show that there is no straightforward answer to this question owing to the clash between different sociocultural and local conditions and demands for universal human rights.

Service Delivery for Vulnerable Populations

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities for all of us working with vulnerable populations to develop thoughtful, workable programs. The topics presented are not limited to the severely mentally ill, but it is an encyclopedia of resources and creative options for service to veterans, the homeless, the elderly. This book challenges us to think creatively and develop programs and services for the people in our society who are most often overlooked and forgotten." Alan E. Siegel, Ed.D. Chief, Mental Health Service, MIT Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School