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Human Services, Master of Science Degree

Assignment Resources

The Stuff That Makes a Difference is part of a video series designed to help managers think differently about their interactions with employees. This video gets into building a performance plan from the beginning. 

Morris, S. (2016, May 20). Effective performance planning [Video file].

Suggested Journals

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Suggested eBooks

Human Resources in Research and Practice

Covering a broad spectrum of topics on HR management that are essential in today's global world, this compilation includes real-life experiences and perspectives of HR professionals to illustrate the many challenges and opportunities encountered in the field. These articles offer insight into many aspects of the HR profession, including organization development, staffing management, employee relations, and effective communication. Demonstrating how HR can contribute to the success of the company's strategy, mission, and goals, this record will be of interest to professionals and academics who will value the scope and depth of information.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Training, Development, and Performance Improvement

The latest Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Organizational Psychology uses a psychological perspective, and a uniquely global focus, to review the latest literature and research in the interconnected fields of training, development, and performance appraisal. Maintains a truly global focus on the field with top international contributors exploring research and practice from around the world Offers researchers and professionals essential information for building a talented organization, a critical and challenging task for organizational success in the 21st century Covers a diverse range of topics, including needs analysis, job design, active learning, self-regulation, simulation approaches, 360-degree feedback, and virtual learning environments

The AMA Handbook of Leadership

The AMA Handbook of Leadership features insights from best-of-the-best thought leaders and executive leadership coaches on topics from talent development, the arts and leadership, and competitive advantage through leadership, to leading across cultures, sustainability, executive transition, and many more timeless (and timely) issues.