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Homeland Security and Forensics Ebook Collection: Home

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Homeland Security and Forensics A-Z Title List

Adopting biometric technology : challenges and solutions

Analyzing 911 homicide calls : practical aspects and applications

Biometrics in a data driven world

Canine Olfaction Science and Law

Change and reform in law enforcement : old and new efforts from across the globe

Child abuse

Color atlas of forensic medicine and pathology

Color atlas of the autopsy

Comparative bone identification

Crime and intelligence analysis : an integrated real-time approach

Crime prevention : international perspectives, issues, and trends

Criminal enterprise investigation

Delivering police services effectively

Effective communication during disasters

Electronically stored information : the complete guide to management

Emergency action for chemical and biological warfare agents

Emergency planning for nuclear power plants

Enterprise level security : securing information systems in an uncertain world

Environmental radioactivity and emergency preparedness

Essentials of polygraph and polygraph testing

Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters

Facility Manager's Guide to Safety and Security

Fingerprints and other ridge skin impressions

Forensic medicolegal injury and death investigation

Forensic uses of digital imaging

Fundamentals of medical practice investigation

Global cases in best and worst practice in crisis and emergency management

Guns and crime : the data don't lie

Handbook of SCADA/control systems security

Healthcare fraud investigation guidebook

Homicide : a forensic psychology casebook

Illegal online file sharing, decision-analysis, and the pricing of digital goods

Instinct combat shooting : defensive handgunning for police

International disaster health care

Interpersonal criminology : revisiting interpersonal crimes and victimization

Intimate partner violence : effective procedure, response and policy

Managing crises overseas

Measurement uncertainty in forensic science : a practical guide

Mechanisms linking aging, diseases, and biological age estimation

Munchausen by proxy and other factitious abuse

New developments in biological and chemical terrorism countermeasures

Police misconduct : a global perspective

Police reserves and volunteers : enhancing organizational effectiveness and public trust

Police use of force : important issues facing the police and the communities they serve

Private investigation and homeland security

Psychology and law in Europe : when West meets East

Real-World Crime Scene Investigation : a Step-by-Step Procedure Manual

Responses to disasters and climate change : understanding vulnerability and fostering resilience

Soft targets and crisis management : what emergency planners and security professionals need to know

State fragility around the world : fractured justice and fierce reprisal

Threat assessment and management strategies : identifying the howlers and hunters

Tradecraft primer : a framework for aspiring interrogators

Training law enforcement officers

Trends in legal advocacy : interviews with prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers

Trends in policing : interviews with police leaders across the globe

Understanding personal security and risk : a guide for business travelers

Understanding white-collar crime : a convenience perspective

Using forensic DNA evidence at trial : a case study approach